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Valley Recovery Center at Fresno

Valley Recovery Center at Fresno is dedicated to treating the student, working professional or parent who may not have the resources or time to seek residential treatment due to their obligations. Valley Recovery Center has an ongoing relationship with Fresno State University to help collegiate students receive treatment.
LocationPricePayment OptionsTreatment Type
Fresno, California$3,750 for 25 daysCenter is in network with a number of the major health insurance companies.Outpatient, Partial Hospitalization/IOP, Detox
Special ProgramsRatingSuccess Tracking
Adolescent (under 18), Young adults (18+), Co-Occurring, Gays & Lesbians, Trauma, DUI/DWI Offenders, Professionals

The Refuge

The Refuge specializes in treating trauma/PTSD, substance abuse, process addictions and all self-destructive behaviors. The Refuge uses 12 step based recovery, experiential therapy and holistic modalities to assist clients in uncovering the layers of trauma and underlying issues that have caused their lives to become unmanageable.
LocationPricePayment OptionsTreatment Type
Ocala, Florida$37,500 for 30 daysIn network for Value Options and will submit to other insurance companiesOutpatient, Residential, Detox, Transitional Housing
Special ProgramsRatingSuccess Tracking
Adolescent (under 18), Young adults (18+), Co-Occurring, 12 Step Focused, Trauma, Eating Disorders, Process Addictions, Sex Addictions, Professionals