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Beachway Therapy Center

Beachway's comprehensive approach to recovery incorporates the mind, body and spirit through a variety of programs that focus on learning or regaining skills, insights and habits that, together, promote long-term recovery. The program is based on the individual needs of the clients – men and women of all ages – and their families. Beachway's tailored, boutique-style approach allows their professional and clinical staff to work closely with each and every client on a daily basis.
LocationPricePayment OptionsTreatment Type
Delray Beach, FL$18,000 for 30 daysHas success getting out-of-network coverage from most private insurance companies Outpatient, Residential, Partial Hospitalization/IOP, Detox, Transitional Housing
Special ProgramsRatingSuccess Tracking
Young adults (18+), Co-Occurring, Gays & Lesbians, Faith-Based, 12 Step Focused, Non-12 Step Program, Chronic Pain, Trauma, Eating Disorders, DUI/DWI Offenders, Pregnant/Postpartum, Professionals

Origins Recovery Centers

Origins specializes in treating clients who have previous failed attempts at treatment and sobriety, including those suffering from co-occurring disorders.
LocationPricePayment OptionsTreatment Type
South Padre Island, Texas$32,000 for 30 daysOrigins is in network for Aetna & Cigna and will submit to other insurance companies.Outpatient, Residential, Partial Hospitalization/IOP
Special ProgramsRatingSuccess Tracking
Young adults (18+), Co-Occurring, Female Only, Male Only, 12 Step Focused

Turning Point (Connecticut)

Turning Point provides young men and adolescents who've been derailed by addiction and co-occuring disorders the opportunity to realize their potential. By gradually reintegrating our clients back into society over the course of three phases, we afford them the opportunity to practice independent living while still receiving active guidance and support from their clinical team.
LocationPricePayment OptionsTreatment Type
New Haven, CT$31,500 for 90 daysHas had success getting out-of-network coverage from a number of private insurance companies.Residential, Transitional Housing
Special ProgramsRatingSuccess Tracking
Adolescent (under 18), Young adults (18+), Co-Occurring, Male Only

Great Oaks Recovery Center

Great Oaks offers a full continuum of care for our patients. After the detoxification process, we stress relapse prevention, breaking old behavioral patterns and thought processes and helping our patient get onto the road to recovery. We are proud of our accreditation with the Joint Commission, the NAATP as well as our reputation in the addiction industry as a reputable treatment provider.
LocationPricePayment OptionsTreatment Type
Egypt, Texas$31,000 for 30 daysGreat Oaks is often successful getting out-of-network coverage approved.Outpatient, Residential, Partial Hospitalization/IOP, Detox
Special ProgramsRatingSuccess Tracking
Adolescent (under 18), Young adults (18+), Co-Occurring, Gays & Lesbians, 12 Step Focused, Trauma, DUI/DWI Offenders

Pathway to Hope

Pathway to Hope offers a unique recovery opportunity for those looking for a different kind of rehab experience. They use the best practices of addiction and behavioral treatment, along with new and effective therapy techniques. Unlike other rehab centers, Pathway to Hope’s residential treatment center provides clients with their own semi-private bedroom in apartment-style housing. Clients have plenty of room for personal items and enjoy a structured, not micro-managed, approach.
LocationPricePayment OptionsTreatment Type
Fort Lauderdale, FL$15,000 for 30 daysIn network with most major insurance companies and will submit to other insurance companiesResidential
Special ProgramsRatingSuccess Tracking
12 Step Focused

The Refuge

The Refuge specializes in treating trauma/PTSD, substance abuse, process addictions and all self-destructive behaviors. The Refuge uses 12 step based recovery, experiential therapy and holistic modalities to assist clients in uncovering the layers of trauma and underlying issues that have caused their lives to become unmanageable.
LocationPricePayment OptionsTreatment Type
Ocala, Florida$37,500 for 30 daysIn network for Value Options and will submit to other insurance companiesOutpatient, Residential, Detox, Transitional Housing
Special ProgramsRatingSuccess Tracking
Adolescent (under 18), Young adults (18+), Co-Occurring, 12 Step Focused, Trauma, Eating Disorders, Process Addictions, Sex Addictions, Professionals