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JC's Recovery Center

JC’s Recovery Center believes that addiction is a three-fold disease; physical, mental and spiritual. This Christian program is welcoming to people of all faiths, and uses the most current medical, psychological and spiritual approaches. Their sister company, JC’s House, is a faith-based sober living residence with clean and spacious rooms and many amenities such as a swimming pool, basketball court, pool table, gym, grilling areas, beautiful gardens and much more. They provide transportation to and from local meetings, and are located 1.5 miles away from the beach.
LocationPricePayment OptionsTreatment Type
Hollywood, FL$15,000 for 28 daysIs often successful getting Aetna & Blue Cross out-of-network coverage; will submit to other commercial insurance plans.Outpatient, Partial Hospitalization/IOP, Transitional Housing
Special ProgramsRatingSuccess Tracking

Caron Ocean Drive

Caron Ocean Drive offers discrete, sophisticated executive-level care for individuals of affluence & influence in a luxury setting.
LocationPricePayment OptionsTreatment Type
Boca Raton, FL$130,000 for 54 daysCaron Ocean Drive is self-pay.Residential
Special ProgramsRatingSuccess Tracking
Co-Occurring, Professionals

Turning Point (Georgia)

Located in southern Georgia, Turning Point's serene, rural setting gives patients a secure environment where they can build their foundation for lifelong recovery. They believe in creating healthy communities, which start with healthy individuals, linked through sound relationships to their families, friends, neighbors and peers.
LocationPricePayment OptionsTreatment Type
Moultrie, GA$5,000 for 30 daysMost of Turning Point's clients are covered by Medicare; also in network for Tricare & several insurance companies.Outpatient, Residential, Partial Hospitalization/IOP, Detox
Special ProgramsRatingSuccess Tracking
Co-Occurring, Female Only, Male Only, Trauma

Caron Renaissance

A pioneer of the Florida Treatment Model, Caron Renaissance specializes in treating young adults and adults with dual diagnosis. They offer a strong collegiate recovery program, including helping students complete coursework at the college where they are enrolled long-distance.
LocationPricePayment OptionsTreatment Type
Boca Raton, FL$54,000 for 84 daysWill submit to most private insurance companies.Outpatient, Residential, Partial Hospitalization/IOP, Detox
Special ProgramsRatingSuccess Tracking
Young adults (18+), Co-Occurring, Female Only, Male Only, Faith-Based, 12 Step Focused, Trauma, Eating Disorders, Process Addictions, Gambling Addictions