As we know well, finding the right rehab treatment program for your loved one in the heat of a crisis can be very difficult. Conquer Addiction is a non-profit whose primary purpose is to provide independent and unbiased information so you can find the right treatment for your family. And because we believe it is crucial for treatment centers to scientifically monitor and report how successful their clients are in meeting their treatment goals, we rank order the treatment centers meeting your search criteria on this basis.

Families searching for treatment are often encouraged to make sure that a rehab provides evidence-based treatment and also treats co-occurring disorders such as depression and anxiety. All of the rehabs in Conquer Addiction's database claim to do both.
Finding The Right Rehab treatment for you
Please understand -- Conquer Addiction's ratings are different from Yelp's. Less
than 1% of all the rehabs in the entire U.S. qualify for any level of star rating.
Any rehab that receives 3 or more stars is a leader in the industry! To find the right
treatment program for you or a loved one, enter your criteria, click through to
detailed pages to learn more about specific centers & then contact them directly.
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